Day of Unity - July 13, 2014

The Day of Unity unites faith leaders nationwide to preach from the pulpit and help build a movement that will inspire our communities to take action and put an end to the social injustices in the Black community. 

The third annual Day of Unity will take place July 13, 2014. If you’d like to join the NAACP and fight to end the HIV epidemic please contact Rev. Keron Sadler at or (410) 580-5619.

We urge all faith leaders to join us in this movement and experience the powerful work that God is only beginning to do. It is vital to the success of this collaborative effort that we have your blessing and public support. This will be an exciting journey that will highlight Health and HIV as a social justice issue as we continue in this fight for health equity.

We have developed a toolkit to assist in organizing the activities for the Day of Unity, including:

• Participation ideas: a list of ways you could participate, ranging from inclusion of social justice themes in your sermon, to hosting an HIV screening at your church.
• Talking points: to be used to help draft sermons or other congregation communications.
• Sermonette ideas: includes scripture themes and inspiration for HIV as a social justice issue.
• Testing tips: understand the importance of testing and who should be tested for HIV.
• Health equity: background information on achieving health equity for combating HIV.
• AIDSVu: to assist in identifying local agencies to provide technical support and onsite HIV testing, utilize

Click here to see a message about the Day of Unity from NAACP Chairman Roslyn Brock.

2013 Partnering Faith Leaders

Bishop George E. Battle, Jr., Senior Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AME) Church – Presiding Prelate of the Piedmont Episcopal District
Bishop Dennis V. Proctor, AME Zion Alabama-Florida, New York and Western New York Episcopal Districts
Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon, Full Gospel
Bishop Yvette Flunder, Fellowship of Affirming Ministries (TFAM)
Dr. Carroll A. Baltimore, Sr., Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC)
Rev. Dr. Julius A. Scruggs, First Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Nelson B. Rivers, III, Charity Missionary Baptist Church
Bishop Lloyd Cartwright, Jr., Peaceful Community Baptist Church
Bishop C. H. McClelland, Holy Cathedral Church of God in Christ
Bishop Kenneth H. Dupree, The Victory Church of Nashville
Apostle Leroy Smith, Outreach Ministries Church
Apostle Donna Smalls, Restoration Worship Center
Elder Danny Stanton, Friendship Baptist Church
Reverend Lyddale Akins, Triumphant Life Church
Reverend Joe Barber, St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Diana Body, Life of Peace International Ministries
Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon, Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral, Shreveport
Reverend Carolyn Bratton, Moore’s Chapel AME Zion Church
Reverend Dale Braxton
Reverend Darryl Canady, Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend James Coleman
Reverend Beryl Cowthran, Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral, Bossier
Reverend TJ Debnam
Reverend Segdwick Easley, Union Baptist Church
Reverend Kris Erskine, Bethany Baptist Church
Reverend Ezekiel Ezechim, Sabaoth Rescue Mission
Reverend John Faison, Jr., Watson Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Floyd Flake, The Greater Allen AME Cathedral
Reverend E. W. Frierson, Wesley United Methodist Church
Reverend Marcus George, Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral, Monroe
Reverend Willie Gholston II, Bethel AME Church
Reverend David Goatley, Lott Carey
Reverend Carol Green, Wilson Boulevard Christian Church
Reverend Benjamin Hailey, Sr., Union Baptist Church
Reverend Charley Hames, Jr., Beebe Memorial Cathedral Church
Reverend Alvin Hathaway, Sr., Union Baptist Church
Reverend Frederick Haynes III, Friendship West Baptist Church
Reverend Fancys Johnson, Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church & Magnolia Missionary Baptist Church
Rev. Dr. Clifford A. Jones, Sr. Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Robert Jones, Foot of the Cross Christian Church
Reverend Leonard King, First Zion Baptist Church
Reverend Tony Lee, Community of Hope AME Church
Reverend Joseph L. Marshall, Jr., St. John Divine Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Elson McCowan, Star Grace Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Eric McIntosh, St. James Episcopal Church
Reverend Ernest McNear, True Gospel Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Church
Reverend Larry Melton, Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral, Marshall
Reverend Tommy Miles, Macedonia Baptist Church
Reverend Michael Minor, Oak Hill Baptist Church
Reverend Bernard Montgomery, New Bethany Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Keith Norman, First Baptist Church
Reverend Carl Prince, Jr., Zion Baptist Church
Reverend Carroll Rhodes, Mount Helm Baptist Church
Reverend Lenton Rhodes
Reverend Edwin Sanders, Metropolitan Interdenominational Church
Reverend Torin Sanders, The Sixth Baptist Church of New Orleans
Reverend Jasmine Sculark, Shiloh Baptist Church
Reverend Gracher Selby, St. John AME Zion Church
Reverend Glenn Shepard, Campbell AME Church
Reverend Sheldon Shipman, Greenville Memorial AME Zion
Reverend Timothy Sloan, St. Luke Memorial Baptist Church
Reverend Jules Smith, Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Byron Smith, Sr., Curry Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Reverend Charles Straight, Faith United Methodist Church
Reverend Jack Sullivan, Jr., The Pennsylvania Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Reverend Robert Tedder
Reverend Oscar Tillman
Reverend Charles White
Reverend Kary Williams, St. James AME Church
Reverend Barbara Wilson, Coppin Memorial AME Church
Reverend R. W. Wincfiecs, Unity Baptist Church of Braddock